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Grant Specialist Services

As soon as you decide to prepare a proposal to external sponsors, please contact your Grants Specialist and prepare a Funding Proposal in RAPSS. Important information, such as the agency name, opportunity name and/or number and the submission due date must be entered and a copy of the actual announcement as an attachment for easy reference. Read the guidelines, funding announcement, or request for proposals very carefully to ensure that the application package is prepared in accordance with the applicable requirements and regulations.

Grant Specialists provide a variety of pre-award services, including:

  1. Comprehensive review of:
    • Sponsor submission requirements
    • Sponsor Program Announcements/Requests for Proposals and Letters of Intent
    • Non-Science portions of the proposal
    • Budget and Budget Justification
    • Cost Share inclusion (if required)
    • Rutgers Institutional documents (if requested)
    • Final application package prior to submission
  2. Submission of applications
  3. Additional pre-award information as requested by the Sponsor
  4. Review and negotiations for certain type of agreements

In addition, Grant Specialists provide some postaward services.

  1. Initiation of Award Set Up process in RAPSS
  1. Review and Submission of Post-Award Non-Financials:
    1. Just in Time information
    2. Carryover requests
    3. Progress Reports
    4. No Cost Extensions
    5. Award Transfers
    6. Official correspondence with sponsors