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There are 14 Faculty Mentors for the Beckman Scholar Program. Please review the area(s) of research that you are most interested in and, for more detailed information, click on the Faculty Mentors’ name(s) for additional details of their research.


Travis Baker, Associate Professor
Center for Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience
Multimodal neuroimaging techniques. Neural mechanisms underlying learning, decision-making, cognitive control, and spatial navigation.
Elena Galoppini, Distinguished Professor
Design and synthesis of molecules for functionalization of semiconductor or
metal surfaces with photo-active and redox-active ligands.
Nan Gao, Professor
Biological Sciences
Cellular machinery responsible for the host-microbiome communications.
Microbiome factors that affect host susceptibility to inflammation and cancer.
Huixin He, Professor
Carbon nanomaterials and their metal nanoparticle composites for catalysis
and energy storage.
Frieder Jaekle, Distinguished Professor
Boron-doped conjugated polymers for organic electronics and luminescent
sensory materials. Stimuli-responsive polymers and polymer networks.
Haesun Kim, Professor
Biological Sciences
Genetic and intracellular signaling mechanisms that modulate Schwann cell
myelination and myelin maintenance. Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease.
Jenny Lockard, Associate Professor
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), photoactive coordination complexes and
hybrid materials. Vibrational and synchrotron X-ray absorption spectroscopy.
Juan Mena-Segovia, Associate Professor
Center for Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience
Operation of neuromodulatory systems in health and disease, their effects on cortical and subcortical targets at the cellular, circuit and behavioral levels.
Michele Pavanello, Professor
Chemistry & Physics
Ground state and time-dependent orbital-free DFT. Non-adiabatic dynamics
with subsystem DFT applied to plasmonic and photovoltaic materials.
Demyan Prokopchuk, Assistant Professor
Sustainable chemistry. Catalysis and electrocatalysis with Earth-abundant
metals. C-H bond and CO2 activation.
Ashaki Rouff, Professor
Earth & Environmental Sciences
Post-industrial inorganic & organic contaminants in subsoil water. Kinetics of
contaminant interactions with mineral phases, mobility and bioaccessibility.
Michal Szostak, Professor
New methods for the synthesis of biologically active molecules. Amide bond
activation. Organometallic catalysis.
Tracy Tran, Associate Professor
Biological Sciences
Cellular mechanisms controlling axonal guidance versus synapse formation.
Molecular control of neuronal morphogenesis.
Fei Zhang, Assistant Professor
Biomolecular design. Structural DNA and RNA nanotechnology applied to
biosensing, drug delivery and bioimaging.