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Retirement of pdf Forms

Dear All,

ORSP has received many questions about the pending retirement of pdf forms and NIH’s transition to a new form set.  Please see below for a brief notice from Christopher Stastny, Associate Director of ORSP.


Retirement of pdf forms. will be retiring the legacy pdf package effective 12/31/17 as a method for submitting a Federal grant. They will be transitioning to a to web-based environment called Workspace.


What is the Impact to RAPSS?


Even though the pdf application forms will be retired, RAPSS will not be affected. will still support and accept System-to-System (S2S) submissions, which is the mechanism by which RAPSS transmits applications to the opportunities can continue to be downloaded, prepared, and submitted via RAPSS as we have been doing since the inception of the system. Going forward, just as with legacy pdf applications, opportunities that are not compatible with RAPSS would need to be submitted outside of the system using the Workspace system.


Transition for NIH “FORMS-E”


Applicants must use FORMS-E application packages for due dates on or after January 25, 2018 and must use FORMS-D application packages for due dates on or before January 24, 2018. Applications submitted using the wrong forms for their intended due date will not be reviewed.


What is the Impact to RAPSS?


RAPSS is not yet compatible with FORMS-E. We are awaiting an update from the vendor that will make the SF424 module compatible with FORMS-E opportunities. Once the update has been made available and is ready to apply to the system, we will communicate via the RAIN listserv and the RAPSS Liaisons Group when we anticipate updating the production system.