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2019 RUN NIIT Neuroscience Pilot Grant Award
Last First Campus Grant Amount Title
Baker Travis RU-N $40,000 Cognitive Control Deficits in Childhood Leukemia Survivors: At the Intersection of Brain, Behavior and Computation
2019 IHASSRT Award
Lew Jamie RU-N $18,000 Inclusive Cities: How Intersecting Trajectories of Migrants Make Community in Newark and Elizabeth, New Jersey
Sloan Power Elizabeth RU-N $15,000 Racial Microaggressions, Colorism, and the Well-Being of College Students of Color: An Overall Coping Zone Approach
2019 IMRT Award
Etchegaray Jean-Pierre RU-N $48,000 Synergistic Exploration of Epigenetic Mechanisms in Stem Cell-Driven Initiation
Melamed Benjamin RU-N $31,107 Mobilizing Multidisciplinary Partnerships to Enhance Telehealth Uptake in Underserved Communities
Delgado Mauricio RU-N $51,800 Negative Affect Mechanisms Underlying Opioid Use in Lab and Daily Life