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2018 RUN NIIT Neuroscience Pilot Grant Award
Last First Campus Grant Award Title
Dobrowolski Radek RU-N $40,000 BHI Proteotoxic Stress Pathways Induce Cell Death Following Brain Injury
Graves William RU-N $40,000 Using Brain Perfusion Changes During Stroke Recovery to Predict Reading Recovery
Zaborszky Laszlo RU-N $40,000 Circuit and Molecular Controllers on Learning Induced Auditory Cortical Plasticity
2018 IHASSRT Award
Kim Suzanne RU-N $26,000 Interdisciplinary LGBTQ Health Disparities and Health Promotion Research Initiative
Lew Jamie RU-N $18,000 Inclusive Cities: How Intersecting Trajectories of Migrants Make Community in Newark and Elizabeth, New Jersey
Sloan-Power Elizabeth RU-N $15,000 Racial Microaggressions, Colorism, and the Well-Being of College Students of Color: An Overall Coping Zone Approach
2018 IMRT Award
Bacak Valerio RU-N $87,100 Interdisciplinary Research Initiative on LGBTQ Inmates and Health
Friedman Wilma RU-N $80,000 Effects of Concussive Brain Injury on Neurodegeneration
Galllagher Janice RU-N $59,050 Human Rights Under Attack: The Promise, Problems and Possibilities of Law in the Americas
Kustka Adam RU-N $76,522 Transforming Diatim Biology Through Protein Correlation Profiling
2018 SEED Award
Amzi-Erdogdular Leyla RU-N $50,000 Middle East Music Orchestra
Anthony Marcus RU-N $50,000 Promise Parent Leadership Academy
Aziz Sahar RU-N $50,000 The Center for Security, Race, and Rights
Baker Ted RU-N $60,000 RU Flourishing
Cuison Villazor Rose RU-N $50,000 Center for Immigration Law, Policy, and Social Justice
Daley Ellen RU-N $36,650 PantryRUN
Giloi Eva RU-N $36,148 Newark Rhythms
Hill Diane RU-N $10,000 Assessing the Impact of Community Based Research & Engagement in Newark, New Jersey
Hosseini Sahar RU-N $50,000 Digital Mapping, Reconstruction, and Exhibition
Impellizzeri John RU-N $48,700 Rutgers Supply Chain Budding Knowledge Program for High School Students
Mao Zhengyu RU-N $44,000 Mathcup
Menifield Charles RU-N $10,000 Disaster Recovery and Resilience in Post Hurricane Puerto Rico
Sevcenko Elizabeth RU-N $50,000 Shifting Global Dialogues on Climate and Environmental Justice Through Public Humanities
Sheffield Allen RU-N $50,000 RUN It Up
Shafto Patrick RU-N $25,000 Enabling Quantum Material Science with Machine Learning
Tractenberg Paul RU-N $50,000 Truly Integrating New Jersey’s Schools at Long Last: The Development of a Comprehensive Action Plan
Walton Clayton RU-N $50,000 International Leadership Exchange Pre-Research and Field Study Program
White Krista RU-N $33,130 Digital Scholarship Through Modular Pedagogy